Jan 262014

I just realized even if Yabu isn’t with us anymore, I can pretty much guarantee he’s looking down from above laughing his ass off at me.

Add rightfully so.

I’ve about had it with Windows.

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    • He was a fellow blogger, an all around good guy. Sadly passed away. His site is gone, but I do have his entire site copied. Did it right before it went down.

  1. Linux, baby. You’ll never go back 😉

    • The blog itself runs off Linux via VM. I switched backup systems to something a lot more reliable than what came with Windows. Lesson learned. New backup system is set up to backup nightly. Tested it, too. Made a test blog VM, filled it with dummy data, backed it up, them deleted the database. Did a restore. It works.

  2. I wondered what happened to Yabu. I hadn’t heard of his passing. Too bad. R.I.P.

    • Yeah, he was a hell of a guy. Managed to copy his entire site before it went offline. Glad I can fire it up whenever I feel like reading some mighty fine words.

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