Jan 272014

I remember all weekend long, hearing about the big chill heading our way.  Monday (today) is going to be bad.  Tuesday, even colder.  Wednesday, cold.  Freezing temperatures. Frightening cold wind chills.  Winter weather advisories/warnings!  School delays!  Closings!  Churches closed!  Scare! Scare! Scare!  Good God, let’s all run in circles!

Shown below is what I woke up to this morning. I, ummm,  added the “emphasis” to these to demonstrate my ongoing dissatisfaction with these so called “meteorologists,” the same breed of people who tell us we should take global warming climate change seriously.

I for one, call “bullshit” on the entire affair.  Look, if I am expected to take these folks seriously, the very least they can do is accurately predict the very next day’s weather; something they can rarely do.

School Closings/Delays

Oh No!  Cold Temperatures Are Coming! Let's Panic!


Any questions?

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  1. We here in Texas do freak out over cold weather, and possible sn*w in the South, because we seldom get it and really don’t know how to drive in those conditions. But we don’t close anything for 31* 😀

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