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I don’t watch the NFL. I stopped watching that rubbish several years ago. And, I don’t ever intend on watching it again. Ever. And what you’re about to read just fortifies my decision even more than ever. It should convince you to do the same.

The commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell makes a startling $29.5 million a year. And the organization is non-profit.  Say what? You read it right. Non-profit. You’ve got to be kidding me.

Oh, it gets better. Read on.

As the Super Bowl approaches New York much like a blizzard, here are some things to think about: in 2012, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was paid $29.5 million to run the organization. And that’s not all. The NFL, if you didn’t realize it, exists as a 501 c 6 organization. It’s not for profit!

In order to have that status, the NFL must be run as a charitable foundation. In 2012, they gave away a meager $2.3 million. Almost all of it–$2.1 million– went to the NFL Hall of Fame.

That’s fucking rich (no pun intended). A “charitable foundation.” All the while they gave away a mind-boggling $2.3 million as Roger rakes in $29.5 million. Sounds like they’re real “charitable,” huh?

Goodell made 15 times what the group donated to other charities.

More crazy: Goodell’s salary is 1/10th of what the NFL claimed in total assets for 2012– $255 million.

Or even crazier: the NFL only made charitable donations equaling one-one hundredth of their annual income.

Why, they are just so generous. I am so glad they could spare it. Just another reason the NFL can go screw itself.

Here are the stats: The NFL’s most recent Form 990 filed with the IRS ended on March 31, 2012. They claimed revenue of $255 million, up from $240 million in 2011. So, if you were concerned, things are good. The NFL has assets of over $822 million.

Under “grants”– meaning donations to other non profit organizations, the NFL did increase the number from just over $900,000 to $2.3 million. Generous right? However: their total salaries increased by $27 million to a total of over $107 million.

Here’s the best part: after all that, thanks to creative thinking, the NFL claims it finished the year in the red with negative $316 million.

Based on what? Man, I’d love to see those numbers. Can somebody say “cooked” with a straight face?

What else did they spend money on? Well, for one thing, new office construction cost $36 million. That’s thirty six million dollars.

Isn’t that just wonderful?

Just to put all this in perspective: going by numbers in Forbes, Goodell would come in at around number 28 of the highest paid CEOs in 2012. He made more than the heads of FedEx, AT&T, Heinz, Ford Motors, Goldman Sachs, as well as Rupert Murdoch.

Remember– they’re for profit, not tax free foundations.

Something tells me the sheeple who watch this absolute detritus won’t even give a shit. They will go right on watching while a beer commercial is pushed down their throat every 90 seconds. It doesn’t matter. In fact, they’ll make up some excuse for the NFL. Something like, “They need the money to pay the players.” Yeah, only in America can you get paid multi-millions to throw a fucking football around. That’s our priorities as a nation.

And if you’re wondering, neither Major League Baseball nor the National Basketball Association is registered as a charity, foundation or trade organization. They each gave up their tax-free status years ago.

This is just another reason the NFL can go straight to hell. I will never, repeat, never watch anything related to the NFL again. Ever.

I would love to see the “fans” tell the NFL what to do with itself, but alas, that won’t ever happen. Not in this country.

Everyone’s just too brainwashed to give a damn.
Originally published January 23rd.

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