Mar 232014

You know, we did it right the first time, many years ago.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

(1)  We had glass milk bottles which we recycled with the milkman who delivered the milk to our door every day in said recycled bottles.
(2)  We had metal lunch box containers, you know the kind, they looked like this:


and this:


(3) During those oh so many years ago, we also had ample public transportation in the form of trolley/street cars.  We had trains, too.

Years pass, and we then start using plastic disposable vessels for milk, plastic bags for our lunches, and the car for our daily transportation requirements.

Wait a second … time out.  Wait … hold it!

And now, we are back to this(?):


So yeah, a metal lunchbox is considered “green” by today’s eco-friendly standards.

All of which leads to this:  We’re being told by the “green” movement that we have to recycle (we did that), should use metal lunch boxes (we did that, too), and finally being told we should use public transportation more (umm, we did that, too).

All that being said, how does our society in any way, shape, or form have the audacity to call itself “modern?”
We’re about as modern as a race of regressing cavemen

And we’re regressing more and more every day.
Anyone who doesn’t see that is blind.

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  2 Responses to “Going Green Is Madness”

  1. I have always hated the term “going green”. Green is a color NOT a movement.

    Among other things besides what you mentioned, when groceries were brought home in paper bags, those were recycled into garbage bags and school book covers. Ever try to make a book cover from those petroleum-based, landfill fodder, plastic bags? Ain’t happenin’ cap’n.

    I agree, we did more to recycle back before the eco-nazi’s, out of thrift and usefulness. These freaks just want what all Libs want: control. It’s all about control.

    • Well put. I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s about control, and revenue. Hence the push for a global carbon tax. Nothing more.

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