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It’s more than obvious the powers-that-be running the Communist regime homeowner association where I live didn’t like what someone had to say recently.

Check this out the homeowner association’s “revised policy for letters,” from the most recent “newsletter” (click on image to enlarge):

LED Bulbs Oh My! Let's Vote On It! Censorship Anyone?

So, let me get this straight.  The board has now dictated changed policy on letters where paying members of this community are not allowed to submit more than one letter per calendar year?

Oh, it gets better.  I’ve just gotten started.

The interesting part here is it’s “retroactive to the beginning of this year.”  This policy change does nothing more than tell me this homeowner association didn’t like what someone had to say in a previous newsletter; and this is the homeowner association’s way of shutting someone up dealing with it.

That being said, any letter submitted which does manage to get homeowner association”approval” is subject to editing which translates to if they don’t like the contents of a submitted letter, the author of their letter can forget about the original context/point being made in the first place.  This equates to complete fascist behavior, does it not?

The pettiness gets even worse.  Case in point (click on image to enlarge):

LED Bulbs Oh My! Let's Vote On It!

You have got to be freaking serious?  This homeowner association has to vote on whether or not to replace burnt out light bulbs with LED lighting?  Is this how petty they all are?  They have to vote on it?  Just do it for God’s sake.  I have never, ever in my lifetime observed a more wretched group of petty, power-hungry people who do nothing more than conduct themselves like spoiled adolescents.  This is what the community’s dues go to, by the way.  Heaven forbid any real priorities take precedence (like the common grounds for instance), so this community doesn’t look like a total piece of abandoned garbage taken straight out of a badly directed horror flick.

Furthermore, the newsletter this homeowner association publishes every month is a complete waste of time, paper, and money. Month after month it’s the same rubbish.  Useless.  All of it.  Do away with it.  The only thing this newsletter is good for is starting a fire in my backyard fire pit.  Period.  Well, that is until the homeowner association bans the use of fire pits.

And finally, I can publish excerpts from these newsletters on my site anytime I want. These newsletters are available publicly via the homeowner association’s public web site which by the way has the added bonus of looking as if it were designed by a novice high school kid.

Useless Website

Ultimately, I’ll tell you what I’d like to see happen:  Disband and completely do away with this useless homeowner association once and for all. This community ought to run it out like the fascist dictatorship it really is.  We would all be better off.

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