Sep 072014
      Michael Savage on Sarah Palin Saying it's Time to Impeach Obama! - 7 8 14

While I think Sarah Palin is correct on some, (not all) things, she’s definitely right on this one.

However …..

What Sarah Palin doesn’t realize (and I’ve suspected this for a good while now) is Obama and the Democrats want the Republicans to pursue impeachment.  Why?  Because as Savage points out, it will most definitely backfire on the Republicans.  Big time.

Well, why is that?  Because the Democrats know how stupid most of the voters are.  The voters will fall for it.

You can take that to the bank.
Lock, stock, and barrel.

Finally, Sarah Palin is nowhere near Presidential material.  Why?  Because she’s a quitter.  Period.

I wouldn’t vote for her.  Ever.

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