May 252015

You should use the HDR (high-dynamic range imaging) feature of your camera phone if it has it.  Why?  Read on.

I know a lot of people who wonder what HDR photography is.

In a nutshell, here’s the best and fastest explanation:

Take three photographs in succession.  One photograph is at the proper exposure.  The second photograph is taken at a low exposure, and the last photograph is taken at a high exposure level.   All three photographs are then combined into one exposure, thus providing an even level exposure photograph.   A rudimentary explanation yes, but fairly accurate.   Here’s an example of an HDR photograph taken with my LG G2:

HDR Example

I stopped carrying a dedicated camera long ago.  No need for it anymore. Not when I have a smartphone with a most excellent 13 megapixel sensor capable of capturing photographs in HDR.  Not to mention, backing up all of those photographs happens automatically with no interaction from me.

By the way, when I’m photographing landscapes, I only use HDR.  The details HDR manages to capture are amazing.

That’s all.

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