Jan 062017

Read this morning Ford may be bringing back the Ranger compact pickup.  Damn I loved mine.  Seriously, a fun ride.  I always boo’d Ford for getting rid of it in 2011.  Bad move if you ask me.

Oh man, the one vehicle I have a fondness for.  I had two Ford Rangers.  One was a 1999, the other was a 2001.  Rock solid.  I especially loved the 2001 model.  Had everything.  Had the power to boot.  The thing was governed, you see.  Wouldn’t do faster than 90 MPH, even though the engine was capable of much more.  Was too powerful for the small frame of the truck I suppose, but was still an absolute blast to drive.

If Ford really does bring the Ranger back, I am all in.  One of these days, anyway.

This is cool, cool JuJu.

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