Apr 282017

In bed, reading blogs on my smartphone when I feel this tickle on my arm. I saw it, brushed it off, thinking it was a spider. No big deal, right? Go back to reading blogs when I feel the same tickle on my arm 5 minutes later. Looked closer, didn’t recognize it at first, then I realize the sumbitch is a tick. Brushed it onto the bed and picked it up in Kleenex. Tried to crush it to death, no dice. It just won’t die. Bugger is moving like nothing phased it. 

Opened up the Kleenex and examined it more closely. It’s a tick. Little bastard was going to try to feed on me. Took it into the bathroom and brushed it off the Kleenex, straight into the commode for it’s last breath, straight to a watery grave.

Just damn I hate those things.

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