Feb 262017

Hilarious. Damn hilarious.

Via Twitter…

Take a stab as to who you think this looks like.

Ok fine.  It’s Jack Nicholson.

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Nov 092016

I laughed my ass off when I first watched this video.

Look at all of those teary, long faces. Listen to Andrea Mitchell.


Hey, America spoke.  We we are sick and tired of this liberal bullshit.  “No more!” we said.
About god damn time, too.

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Sep 272016

The Mentality Of The Left

This sums up the leftwing’s position on last night’s Presidential debate.
All in all, I wasn’t surprised to see the bias demonstrated by Lester Holt.

Not once did moderator Lest Holt ask Hillary about the private email server (he only asked her to follow up to Donald’s comment regarding her email server), the diaster called Benghazi, nor did he ask her about her health issues.  I am sure if it were Trump, he would have asked him that.

Once again, the bias of the left never ceases to let up.
Big surprise there.

My final thought:  Trump cleaned Hillary’s clock, and it pissed off moderator Lester Holt to no end.    He should change his name to, “Lester HoldHillarysHand.”

That’s all.

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