May 222017

This has been hanging for as long as I can remember. It’s not safe to swing on anymore, for the branch it’s attached to is no longer sturdy enough to support any weight whatsoever. It’s a matter of time before it comes down.

 I remember swinging on this when I was a child.
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May 212017

Shot with my Galaxy Note 5
 That phone has a spectacular camera. No need to carry a dedicated camera anymore. Isn’t technology grand?
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May 202017

Messing around with some filters and frames on my iPad. Thought it would be cool to add some cool effects to one of the photos I took today, and I posted this photo already this evening.
 Here’s a different variation of it:

 Pretty neat.
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Aug 182016

Shot several years ago, back before this artificial lake was allowed to refill.
See, back in 2005, the spillway was damaged from a strong line of storms; the lake was drained for safety concerns.

I have more photos to share, which will come later.
That’s all for now.

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Aug 062016


Saw this in an unoccupied desk drawer at work while checking for any technology left behind.

Just had to take a photo of it.
Some have such creativity, no?

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