Apr 032016

I agree.

The. Worst. Generation. Ever. Period.

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Apr 072015

Remember Al Gore running for President in 2000?

I do.  And I remember this well:


What a short memory today’s society has.


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Feb 242015

Here we go (again) … here we have officials at the FCC putting their nose where it does not belong.  Specifically this.

What Are They Hiding?

Exactly what are these assclowns hiding?

Here they are, basically going Nancy Pelosi by basically saying, “We must vote on it to find out what’s in it.”

This is very bad juju.

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Feb 242015

This is smack-dab how you know you’ve won a debate with a progressive and/or liberal:

Oh Now I Am Angry

When you cite truth and logic, said progressive and/or liberal (whatever they call themselves today) will suddenly conceive the idea he or she cannot counter with anything logical; so you’re then conclusively labeled as being “angry,” or “easy to angry,” or, “racist.”  It’s what they do when backed into a corner.  It never fails.  Ever.

These people are so comical when it comes to their hampered mindset.  What’s even more amusing is it’s these same people who boast about being highly educated.  If this is their concept of what being a highly educated person is, they can keep it.  It’s like they pass a playbook around to one another.

Truth and logic is their absolute worst enemy.

Edit: (yeah, I spelled “representative” wrong via the screen shot. Didn’t catch it on my phone – my fault)

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