Nov 092016

I remember a co-worker essentially telling me how stupid I am for being a Trump supporter.
He told me those who don’t live in the city, without a college degree don’t have a clue.

He also said, “It doesn’t matter, we’re going to win anyway.”

To that I say this, “Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

I cannot wait to see his face this morning.

And to MSN, I say this, “Egg on your fucking face.”


That’s all for now.

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Oct 242016

This is what MSN considers top story news:



This is what these a-holes at MSN consider important news?

I couldn’t and don’t give a single shit about any of the Kardashians.
They could all die tomorrow and I wouldn’t give it a second thought.

That’s all.

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Sep 272016

The Mentality Of The Left

This sums up the leftwing’s position on last night’s Presidential debate.
All in all, I wasn’t surprised to see the bias demonstrated by Lester Holt.

Not once did moderator Lest Holt ask Hillary about the private email server (he only asked her to follow up to Donald’s comment regarding her email server), the diaster called Benghazi, nor did he ask her about her health issues.  I am sure if it were Trump, he would have asked him that.

Once again, the bias of the left never ceases to let up.
Big surprise there.

My final thought:  Trump cleaned Hillary’s clock, and it pissed off moderator Lester Holt to no end.    He should change his name to, “Lester HoldHillarysHand.”

That’s all.

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Sep 262016

This ought to be good!


Hillary’s medication will need to be doubled me thinks.


This debate was quite verbal….and when I say verbal, I mean quite stabby.  LOL!  Nice job to both candidates, though.  Lots of bullshit.


What?  Since when did he call women pigs and slobs?  That’s funny.


Trump is right.  We cannot be the police of the world any longer.   It’s asinine.


North Korea?  Didn’t Jimmy Carter sign an agreement with North Korea from a nuclear weapon perspective?  He even received a Nobel Peace Prize for it.  Yeah, that went well.


Hillary, Iran is close to a nuclear weapon my dear.  Where have you gotten your information?


Donald invited Putin to hack into Americans?  Seriously, Hillary?


Cyber-warfare is definitely an important issue.  Most of the attacks are from Russia and from China.  Stopping them, who knows.


Obama is half white, and half black.  This is petty beyond belief.  Who gives a shit about the birth certificate?


Donald got the birth certificate produced?  Huh?


There’s a difference between respecting the rights of “young men” in these black communities when you compare to letting them getting away with shooting each other up and not doing anything to address the issues facing these issues.


Stop and frisk is a violation of the 2nd Amendment.  Donald, come on man.  You got to do better than that.


Hillary is right about the racial bias.  I’ll give her that.   Is she sincere about it?  Who knows.  I don’t trust her, but then again, Donald hasn’t really given any specifics.  Yes, Law and order is a start, but where do we go from there?


Law and order pretty much speaks for itself.  We don’t enforce the laws, Hillary.  Look at our immigration policies.  We don’t enforce any of those laws.  Come on, Hillary.  “Common sense” gun safety measures?  Military style weapons?  What about those military weapons protecting you, Hillary?  Will you give those up?


So, who are the members of the inner cities shooting one another, Hillary?  It’s the black and Hispanic communities, Hillary.  So, you’re basically race baiting by saying Donald is painting a negative picture on black and Hispanic communities.  You know it.


Stop and frisk?  I disagree, Donald.


How do you stop the violence, Donald?  You haven’t answered the question.  How do you bring back law and order?


There’s the gun control shit.


Race is a challenge in this country because it’s what the politicians want.  There would be no racial divide if we all stopped talking about it and treated one another as equals.  Enough of this identity politics b.s.


When was the last time Hillary ran a business?  Seriously.


Clinton said the reason why our country is in the financial shape it’s in because Trump doesn’t pay taxes?  Nice.  That’s classy.


What about all the money you’ve made, Hillary?  As you sit there and talk about the evil rich.  All of your speeches.  How many hundreds of thousands of dollars per speech?  Tax records are irrelevant if you ask me.


33,000 emails released, and he’ll release his tax returns!  I love it!  She’s smiling.  Nervously.


YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Trump is the first candidate I’ve ever seen who doesn’t take any shit.  And I respect that, big time.  And he’s right about most of what he’s already stated.


Ok, Donald.  What bad things will happen?  Be specific.


She supports bringing money back into this country?  No way, dude.  If she did, she would have already talked about how to do it.  Slashing taxes on the wealthy doesn’t work?  Seriously, Mrs. Clinton?  You’re a joke.  Building and investing in the middle class starts with fostering job growth.  You do that by slashing the taxes of those who create them.  Period.


Clinton laughing equals weakness.  She knows damn well he’s onto her.


The wealthy pay the most taxes in this nation.  Holy hell.  Where’s Clinton get this shit?  She wants to tax them more?  Does her tax policies include herself, especially from all the scratch she’s raked in from her speeches in the past?  Hypocrite.


“A lot of these charges .. ”  LMAO!  That’s awesome!   She’s not pushing her website for her “fact checker.”  Yeah, that’s believable.  Not.


Hillary is stuttering … I almost feel sorry for her.  Almost.


Holy shit.  This is incredible  Trump is totally owning Hillary.


OMG!  Trump is on fire.  YES!  He’s bringing up NAFTA again.  YES!!!!!


Whoa!  He’s absolutely owning her!  He’s not taking any shit.  Lovely!  Awesome!  Bill Clinton is responsible for NAFTA.  The biggest disaster in trade agreements in our nation’s history.


Hilary looks irritated.  Good.  Trump is trumping her.  I love it.


Quiet, Donald.  Take your lumps.  Let Hillary spew her lies.


Independent experts?  Who, Hillary?  Who are these experts?  Where do they come from?  Experts.  LOL!


Took their eyes off Wall Street?  Seriously?  Wall Street backs you, Hillary.  You going to stab them in the back, Hillary?


Trump already answered the question Mr. Moderator.


Yeah, Hillary.  As you wear that ,000 outfit from one of your past appearances.  You bullshitter.


The rich pay the most taxes, Hillary.  And when the rich are taxed to death, how will they want to create anymore jobs?


Yes, we do have to stop our jobs from leaving the USA.  Another good one from Trump.  Ahhh, reducing taxes.  That’ll create jobs.  Hopefully.


That’s right.  Mexico, China…jobs are fleeing this nation.  Good one, Donald.


Funny, Hillary.  Considering women are paid less in the Obama White House than the men.  You willing to make that change?


Advanced manufacturing .. ?  Seriously?  Where, in China?


It’s not up to either candidate to create jobs.  What the fuck.


Clinton looks high on medication …


And here we go …


NBC;s YouTube coverage of the debate sucks ass … switching to Fox News’ feed.  Much better.


I wonder if Clinton will have an earpiece in ….


Man, this ought to be real good!


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Aug 312016

You have to really start to ponder about what country we are living in anymore when stuff like this gets out:

Imagine, getting let go because of authoring a post about the health of Hillary Clinton.

Cue the theme to the

That’s all.

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